x jonah


happy mothers day


our mothers are so important to life on this planet. not only do they give birth to us but if we are lucky enough they care for us and shape us until we are grown. they pick us up when we fail and help us to success. my mother is the strongest women i know, who’s seen and overcome terrifying challenges in her lifetime. she is now in her fifties and still seeking adventure. she gave me the creative gene and both her and my dad have nurtured and encouraged that quality in me to this day. i will always be grateful for that because other than my family creativity is the most nourishing and important thing in my life. thank you for being a great role model for me and so many others! i love you more than all the grains of sand on the beach and all the stars in the sky.

 x jonah

where you bin?


hello! sorry it’s been a while! i’ve been busy running round in circles all year. taking one step forward and three back but thats how it goes i guess. jordie, port and i picked up little bush life and move to wollongong, nsw. its weird…not being in the hills anymore. i know that view so well…it ingrained in my brain…which is nice…and our little home. it was the first house we lived in that really felt like home…but it was time to leave i guess…we weren’t moving forward anymore…so we picked up our things and left our hidden little nest and now we’re livin’ in suburbia. so many people are like “why wollongong?” which pisses me off…like why anywhere? they’re just stayin’ comfortable and stale…i must admit i had very low expectations of this place…but i’ve been pleasantly surprised. i’ve been soaking in the people. i love seeing so much diversity! a much needed change from opinionated mullum hippies. since being here we’ve done a bunch of shows in sydney and here in wollongong which have been fun. its harder to practice in suburbia but i guess theres gotta be some trade offs. i’ve let catatonia slip for a while partly because people didn’t really give a shit about it but mostly because the structure wasn’t interesting enough to keep me into it. i do plan to bring it back down the track but it will be more personal, band stuff, photos, diaries, stories and art. i can’t imagine anyone was hanging out for the next issue…but if you were i apologies for lettin’ you down. i’ve been working pretty hard to get my graphic design to earn us some monies which has been good…but hasn’t left a lot of time drawing and updating this blog…so i’m gonna just give you a bunch of links so you can check out what i have been doing if your interested…and i’ll make sure to post some new work here soon.

x jonah

Music: Los Pintar is a band i play drums in and there is heaps of music for free download on bandcamp  we also have an instagram which is full of stoopid but entertaining shit and of course fb

Design: there is a blog for freelance work which is called Lucky Eye Studio but the best place to see my design at the moment is