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   you can’t really say when your meet you family…their just there (if we’re lucky) from as far back as we remember. i remember mum giving me your tape failing in love again when i was real young. she was super proud! i sang along to those songs oblivious to the meaning… i just loved your voice and the melodies. monogamy shbedogamy so fun to sing! when i eventually understood the words i loved the songs more…they became anthems. different songs fit different periods of my life.  spilt guilt, idiosyncrasies, better than het, limping for sympathy… hits! when i left home and moved to newy that tape never left my car. i used to put it on when i met someone new to gauge if they were “cool”. those songs are still relevant. and it blows my mind that you made something that just…works…hits the nail…i don’t know how to say it…seamless wordsmith feminist genius! haha yep.

   when you and jordie met it was no surprise you hit it off straight away as you did with all our friends…what i’m trying to say is your really fucking cool jan! i’m so honoured (sounds wanky but its true) that we got to perform together and watch from the best seats in the house…how you hold a room! in the scene i’m in it rare to see genuine emotion or thought put into a performance. you have this captivating confidence and ability to improvise without dropping a beat.

   we haven’t hung out much lately! so i want you to know (incase you don’t) you have been a huge part of my pursuit of creativity. i’ve always drawn from you work and your stories. you’ve got so many more stories i wanna hear. and more cool tricks i wanna steal. so i guess i better hop a train to newtown already! i love you jan! always will.

keep rockin’!

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xoxoxox jonah


please no


dear american friends go and vote today! but don’t vote for this mess. i am so terrified of what will happen to your country and the rest of the world if trump gets elected….and  i just can’t stand to look at him anymore and listen to the endless absurdities that flow from his mouth. use your voice…use your vote…send him home.  x jonah