spending this rainy saturday in the studio with some highly strung characters

xxx jonah


my brother the king

when my brother chumpy and i were just kids we grew up sailing yachts. we had a sweet little dinghy named sea eagle that our dad built. chumpy used to row us everywhere, while i’d sit in the stern and watch everything drift by. it was so cool being his little sister! we adventured all over just the two of us. climbed waterfalls, drank coconuts, caught fish and swam with sharks. it sounds like an exaggeration but it all happened and all before we hit high school. now i’m about to turn 23 my life is so different. i live on land! i don’t see chumpy very much. not because we don’t get along or anything but because he’s a professional snowboarder, who at the moment is number one in the world and australia’s best gold medal chance for the upcoming winter olympics. so he’s a little bit busy  : )  and no matter how different our lives are now or the distance between us. we are forever connected by those adventures we shared in those early days. when he rowed us around in sea eagle and our hearts were swollen with love for our family and the sea.

this drawing has been taking me back there.

x jonah